Chapter 1

What Is Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization?

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Chapter 1:

Hi there, and welcome to the Convert Every Click chapter one skills lab.

In chapter one of the book you learned about the Holistic Conversion Pyramid — which consists of Universal Conversion Logic, Funnel design, and user context. For this skills lab, we’re going to focus on finding the user context for your business. We’ll cover funnel design in the Chapter 2 skills lab, and universal conversion logic will show up over and over again in different labs.

So What Is User Context?

User Context combines everything you can find out about the people behind the screen: who they are, where they came from, where they ’re sitting, what they know, and what they don ’t know.

It also includes the setting of the audience and their intention or reason for being on your website. The more you know about the context of the user, the more customer-centric you ’re able to get.

Once you have a good idea of the user context for a page or an offer, you can make smarter decisions about which pieces of Universal Conversion Logic you may want to use to lift conversions.

Let’s look at some examples

Okay, now it’s your turn to work on your business.

This worksheet will get you started. Fill in the blanks with as much detailed information as you can. Use actual data wherever possible, don’t make an educated guess unless you have to. (And that might be a good place to do some more data gathering in the future.)

These questions are just the beginning. Spend some time on this and really get to know your visitors, what they know, what they like, and what they expect. The more detailed you can get with your User Context, the better your optimization efforts are likely to be.

Also, remember that different offers and different web pages might have totally different User Contexts. So, go through the worksheet as many times as you need to for different parts of your business.

So long for now!

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