Chapter 10

StandardWebsite Strategies

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Chapter 10:

Hi there and welcome to the skills lab for Chapter 10 of Convert Every Click.

In this lab, we’re going to look at some standard website strategies for matching your navigation to your funnel. We’ll also look at some different ways you can help visitors “exit through the gift shop” on your site.

Now it’s your turn. Take a look at your own website. Does your navigation move people through the conversion points in your funnel? Are there extra pages in the navigation that may be distracting people from moving through the funnel? How could you improve your navigation?

Also, take a look at each of the pages on your site. Do you have an exit strategy? Is it clear what you want the visitor to do next? Or are you counting on them to just surf around to find the next step?

Be sure to split test any changes you make or new ideas you may have.

That’s it for now. See you in the next lab!

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