Chapter 14

Follow-Up Marketing Strategies

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Chapter 14:

Hi there, and welcome to the skills lab for Chapter 14 of Convert Every Click.

In this lab we’re going to look at ways to make your email marketing more customer centric using list segmentation.

If you remember from the book, email marketing usually works best when it’s hyper-relevant and focused on the prospect or customer, not the company. In other words, when the email message is centered around them, not you.

We already worked on getting your copywriting more customer-centric in the skills lab for Chapter 7. So, right now I want to focus on how segmenting your list can help you focus in and send the right message to the right person.

Many email companies now let you segment your mailing list. One of my favorite ways is using tags to identify a subscriber’s demographics, their setting, their behavior, their psychographics–I try to identify anything and everything I can about them and then record it in the email system using tags.

Let’s go back to our imaginary pet supply company and see how we can create more relevant, customer-centric emails.

Every email company has a different method of identifying people. Some use tags, some use groups or other methods. No matter what company you use, the more data you can collect on individuals on your list — the more you can laser-target your emails just for them. And in our experience, creating more customer-centric messages almost always leads to higher conversion rates.

Now it’s your turn. How does your email company let you segment your list? How can you start collecting data on your list, if you haven’t already? And how can your next email be more customer-centric?

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