Chapter 2 Part 2

Designing Your Funnel, Part II

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Video #2:

Let’s talk briefly about a very important part of your funnel — web forms. If you’re going to convert anonymous visitors into leads and customers, chances are you’re going to need to create a web form at some point. We’ll dive deeper into how to present your web forms in the skills lab for chapter three. But first you need to know how to create them in the first place.

If you have access to a web developer, you may want a form to be custom coded (such as a Smooth Capture form from the advanced strategies chapter). But you may want to use the form building tools provided by your email company.

The basic idea is this — you create the form using a drag-and-drop builder. You can customize it, if you like. Then you save it, and the builder will give you a snippet of code. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it into your website.

Every company has a slightly different form builder, pre-designed templates, and they all provide step-by-step tutorial videos to help you. Be sure to check out the skills lab for chapter three to see some examples of how to lay out your web form.

That’s it for now. We’ll see you soon!

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