Chapter 2 Part 1

Designing Your Funnel

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Chapter 2: Funnel Design

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Hi there, and welcome to the skills lab for chapter 2 of Convert Every Click. Remember the three parts of the Holistic Conversion Pyramid? They were Universal Conversion Logic, User Context, and funnel design. I hope you’ve already completed the lab for chapter one and have a great handle on the user context for your offers. In this lab, we’re going to practice designing funnels for your company.

You’ll remember from the chapter that the way to start building a lean funnel is to think about the traffic source at the top, the conversion goal at the bottom, and then fill in all the steps that need to happen to get the visitor from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Depending on your business and your conversion goal, there may be many steps or just a few.

Let’s take a look a closer look:

Ok, now it’s your turn. Use the graphic below to help you build a lean funnel for one of your products or offers.


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