Chapter 3

Information Capture and Defining the Ideal Conversion Point

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Chapter 3: ICP and webform

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Hi there, and welcome to the skills lab for chapter 3 of Convert Every Click. In this lab, we’re going to help you define the Ideal Conversion Point for your products or services. Remember from the book that the Ideal Conversion Point is a theoretical point at which the ideal conversion exchange is made. It’s the point where your true desire and your visitors’ true desires meet. Again, it’s theoretical. You don’t have to get to that point exactly. You just have to get close enough to where there’s an overlap of desires.

A common use for the Ideal Conversion Point is when you want to get anonymous visitors to identify themselves as leads. Usually, you want to capture their names and email addresses in a web form on your site. Your conversion rates will be higher if there is an exchange — you give them something close to their true desire, and they give you something close to your true desire. Many times this is something like a free report or tutorial series on a relevant topic. In return for this free information, they give you their name and email (and hopefully much more). Remember, the closer you get to the Ideal Conversion Point, the more information you may be able to get in return.

So, let’s look at how this is done in the real world.

Now it’s your turn. Use the worksheet below to define the ideal conversion point in your business. Remember, depending on what you sell, you may need to do this exercise multiple times.

That’s it for now. See you in the next lab.

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