Chapter 7

Conversion-Centric Copywriting

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Chapter 7

It ’s a known psychological principle that human beings are, at the most basic level, inherently concerned about themselves when making decisions.

(Yes, even you and me, no matter how selfless we think we are.) It ’s a survival tactic that goes back to the beginning of time. So when most people visit a website, whether they realize it or not, their lizard brains are thinking, “What ’s in it for me?” In other words, what can a business, service, or product do for me? Can it solve my problem or make my life better in some way?

On the other hand, the business owner is also thinking about himself or herself. Often, the copy on the website is very company-centric, saying things such as, “We have the best widgets anywhere,” or “Come check out our great deals.” In this case, the website owner is trying to provide credibility and value, which is great, but the visitor is also looking for relevance and value from their perspective.

Business websites tend to have company-centric slogans, such as:

“I offer accounting services for veterans,” “ We sell pet toys,” or “ We have the best roofers around.” Let’s practice turning that company-centric copy into customer-centric copy.

Just download the worksheet below and follow the directions for each exercise. You might come up with some great new copy to split test while you’re busy practicing.

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